How To Set Up An Electric Fireplace

An electrical fireplace brings the appeal and atmosphere of a real fireplace to your house. You may also create a layer above your electric fireplace heater if you wish one. Stick to these steps to set up an electric fireplace in your house.

How To Set Up An Electric Fireplace

Things You will require:

  • Electric fireplace kit
  • Drill
  • Glass cleaner
  • Clean cloth


  1. Select where you want to set up the electric fireplace. This should be near a regular 120 volt electrical outlet.
  2. Lay out each of the parts of your fireplace kit so they can be put together. Typically, the bottom comes preassembled in a fire-place kit.
  3. Stand the cabinet, the wooden exterior part of the fireplace, contrary to the wall where the electrical fireplace will be positioned.
  4. Position the firebox into your wood cabinet and plug in the cable.
  5. Stick to the instructions which came with the fireplace package. You will need to install the liner, if one has been added with your electric fireplace heater.
  6. Put the logs into the fireplace opening and switch on the switch for an instant to make sure the logs function.
  7. Attach on the glass front of the fireplace unit and set up any extratrim.

Suggestions & Warnings

  • best electric fireplace heaters can also be fitted inside a mobile home or high rise apartment due to the fact no ventilation is needed.
  • Several electrical fire-places have an integrated fan that will spread the heat more effectively.
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