Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplace Reviews in 2018

The latest trending heating appliance is the wall mounted electric fireplace. The primary reasons why these electric fireplaces are so popular right now is because they provide an excellent source of warmth while adding a stylish look to your interior décor.

So if you are tired of those long, cold nights, then investing in this heating option is a wise choice. There are numerous options you can find today for heating up your room, including radiators and heat fans. However, non of those will add such focal point to your living room than wall mounted electric fireplace.

Best Wall Mount Electric Fireplace Reviews in 2018

Northwest Wall Mounted LED Fire and Ice Flame Electric Fireplace

Northwest Wall Mounted LED Fire and Ice Flame Electric FireplaceThe polished contemporary 42-inch electric fireplace by Northwest offers both function and form in high quantities. Besides the panoramic images of the durable LED lights, the unit delivers sufficient heat to heat up any 400-500 sq ft room efficiently.

Using conventional heating methods, particularly during the cold winter months, can become considerably expensive. Fortunately, the use of LED technology in this product will allow you to reap the rewards of improved energy efficiency and affordable heating costs.

For extra convenience during operation. This Northwests best electric fireplace is remote-control enabled. It means you can control it from anywhere in the room, whether changing the temperature from 750W to 1,500W or changing the flame effects.

The packaging includes the wall brackets, remote control, plastic expansion and beautiful crystals. Setting it up is straightforward thanks to easy to understand instructions and a generous electrical cord length of 71 inches.

Northwest Wall Mounted Fireplace PROS:

  • Durable as it is made of stainless steel
  • It has a modern aesthetic look
  • Ease of use
  • Produces flame effects with or without producing heat

Northwest Wall Mounted Fireplace CONS:

  • The heat production suffers if your room is too big
  • Limited LED color range compared to other electric fireplaces

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Our opinion about Northwest Wall Mounted Fireplace
Combining various factors likes its durability, attractiveness and overall ease of use, the 42-inch Northwest electric fireplace is an excellent heating system.

Elite Flame Ashford Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace

Elite Flame Ashford Electric Wall Mounted FireplaceThis modern contemporary black framed fireplace will undoubtedly be the center of attraction wherever it is set up. The black frame goes well with most interior décor designs at home or in an office setting.

On the issue of looks, this indoor electric fireplace features faux flames that can either be used when the heat is on or off. The log-burning effect displayed on the glass looks very genuine, and it adds extra charm to this product.

Being an electrical product, you have the benefit of not requiring the installation of any combustion or venting lines as is usually the case with wood and gas fireplaces. Also, it is an environmentally friendly product.

A quiet running fun generates all the heat you need, up to 4,500 BTU and 1,500 watts. You will need to plug it into a 110V-120V outlet to start enjoying the heat almost immediately. The wall mounting hardware and instructions are also provided in the package.

Elite Flame Ashford Wall Mounted Fireplace PROS:

  • Good looking elegant design
  • Realistic and colorful faux flames
  • Comes with necessary wall mounting items
  • Ventless and smokeless

Elite Flame Ashford Wall Mounted Fireplace CONS:

  • It makes a humming noise when switched on.

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Our opinion about Elite Flame Ashford Wall Mounted Fireplace
In conclusion, the Elite Flame Ashford 50″ looks great and performs even better for heating 400 square foot rooms while offering appealing ambient lighting effects.

Gibson Living Soho Curved Pebble Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Gibson Living Soho Curved Pebble Wall Mounted Electric FireplaceThe pebble colored Gibson Living Soho fireplace is yet another top quality fireplace that you can mount securely on your wall. It comes with the option of either using conventional logs or pebbles within its ember beds.

This fireplace gets its power from robust coil heaters, with a maximum output of 5,200 BTUs. The blower fans then circulate the heat around your room. You can also use it without heat and enjoy its appealing flame colors.

The heat, flame color, and timer settings can all be changed using the included manual switches on the fireplace or the handy remote control.

Additionally, since it weighs 26.5 pounds, it is easy for one person to set it up within minutes. Make sure you mount leave a 24” clearance when mounting it below a television to avoid heating it up.

Gibson Living Soho Wall Mounted Fireplace PROS:

  • Lightweight and portable
  • It looks lovely and also works well
  • Simple to hang on the wall

Gibson Living Soho Wall Mounted Fireplace CONS:

  • The flames do not look very realistic
  • The fan sound can get loud sometimes

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Our opinion about Gibson Living Soho Wall Mounted Fireplace
The overall heat production is sufficient and should serve you nicely for average-sized rooms. For its affordable costs and usability, this elegant and functional fireplace from Gibson Living is worth buying.

Regal Flame Broadway Ventless Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace Heater

Regal Flame Broadway Ventless Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace HeaterThe Broadway wall-mounted electric fireplace from Regal Flame adds a functional focal point into any room without any hustles. This particular unit uses a faux log set that lies behind a resilient but glossy tempered glass along with a bold black frame.

Unlike other similarly priced fireplaces, Regal Flame Broadway offers three distinct heating settings. You can choose to have high heat, low heat or merely no heating at all with just the flames effect.

This electrical fireplace can warm a 12×20 room in roughly 20 minutes or less. You can even use it outdoor, provided you cover it adequately to prevent water from getting into the unit.

Installation of this 35-inch fireplace is relatively straightforward using the included wall brackets. Overall, it is an economical, eco-friendly and ventless heating system that works on a typical 110V outlet.

Regal Flame Broadway Wall Mounted Fireplace Heater PROS:

  • Attractive design that looks very inviting and warm
  • Easy installation process
  • Multiple heat settings
  • Small portable size

Regal Flame Broadway Wall Mounted Fireplace Heater CONS:

  • Marginal heat production
  • It does not run quietly

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Our opinion about Regal Flame Broadway Wall Mounted Fireplace Heater
If you are looking for a realistic looking, modern electric fireplace to add to your home or condo, but without the cost and hassle of a wood or gas unit, then the Regal Frame Broadway is an attractive option.

Touchstone Sideline Recessed Mounted Electric Fireplaces

Touchstone Sideline Recessed Mounted Electric FireplacesIt is unfortunate that many modern homes today do not come fitted with a fireplace. However, you can count on Touchstone Sideline fireplaces to provide you with all the visual appeal and comfort of authentic fireplaces.

The 50-inch model is suitable for an average living room while delivering ample heat for approximately 400 feet. Its recessed design ensures that it does not obstruct your space as is the norm with other wall-mounted fireplaces.

The major selling point of this fireplace, and also where it shines, is regarding aesthetics. Everything from the overall design to the flame colors ensures enjoyable viewing.

The three different color changing features add more variability during usage, as well as the ability to change the levels of brightness. This friendly customization is complemented further by the unit’s dual power setting. You can set the temperature to high during those cold winters or a mild low when you only want to warm up the room slightly.

Touchstone Sideline Electric Fireplaces PROS:

  • Fits cleanly inside the wall for a modern look
  • Multiple flame settings
  • Authentic looking flames

Touchstone Sideline Electric Fireplaces CONS:

  • Only two limited heat settings
  • The remote doesn’t come with batteries

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Our opinion about Touchstone Sideline Electric Fireplaces
Touchstone is renowned for producing high-quality home products, and the Sideline range of recessed wall mounted fireplaces are also well designed and manufactured. If you want an in-wall fireplace, then this 50-inch model will serve you ideally.

PuraFlame Alice Wall Mounted Recessed Electric Fireplace

PuraFlame Alice Wall Mounted Recessed Electric FireplaceThis fireplace is merely an impressive sight to admire. The flush-fitting design means that it fits effortlessly on any wall and its tempered glass and metal finishing makes it even more ultra-stylish.

The Alice model also includes several heating settings, which can be conveniently done through the remote or its touchscreen. The customization starts from the ember bed, where you have a choice of cool-looking crystal stones or the classic logs.

Next, you can change the flame, with this model featuring four color options, ranging from various shades of blue and yellow. These customization options are great to have, especially when you want to create a specific type of ambiance.

Additionally, this wall-mounted unit features a handy timer that will switch the unit off automatically after a specified duration. Installation is also flexible since you can choose between a 110 V plug-in outlet and hard wiring.

PuraFlame Alice Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace PROS:

  • A wide variety of flame colors
  • Adequate heat production
  • Flush-fitting design accentuates any room
  • Stylish looking fireplace

PuraFlame Alice Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace CONS:

  • Average heat production after extended usage
  • The flame colors have a poor-quality resolution

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Our opinion about PuraFlame Alice Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace
Overall, the PuraFlame Alice 48 is strong enough to sufficiently warm up 400 sq feet with room temperatures ranging between 61 and 82 Fahrenheit.

Touchstone 80001 Onyx Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace

Touchstone 80001 Onyx Wall Hanging Electric FireplaceOne of the stylishly looking wall-mounted fireplaces, the Touchstone 8001 seeks to add functional décor to whichever room it is installed in, whether the master bedroom or the family living room. At only 46 pounds, you can easily mount it on your own using the included instructions.

This Touchstone electric fireplace is not only highly efficient, because of its energy-saving LED bulbs, but also safe to use. The LED bulbs used here are mercury-free and cool to touch.

The fireplace comes with faux crystals and logs that help to produce the effect of a real-life fire. These crystals are placed behind a secure tempered glass that is surrounded by an elegant black frame.

The dual-mode temperature control enables this wall mounted fireplace to be used all through the year. There is also an inbuilt timer that automatically shuts off the unit, which can be programmed for anywhere between half an hour to seven and a half hours.

Even though this fireplace offers the wireless remote feature, the batteries are not included. The flam brightness is also adjustable, ranging from a whole blazing light to a slight amber glow.

Touchstone 80001 Onyx PROS:

  • Straightforward installation process
  • Realistic looking fire
  • Enhances the room décor
  • Efficient and safe to use

Touchstone 80001 Onyx CONS:

  • The top facing heating vents can heat up the television if placed too near
  • Does not produce sufficient heat

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Our opinion about Touchstone 80001 Onyx
If you are in search of not only a heating option but also great ambiance, then this Touchstone 80001 is a dependable option.

BestMassage 2-in-1 Curve Glass Wall Mounted and Standing Electric Fireplace

BestMassage 2-in-1 Curve Glass Wall Mounted and Standing Electric FireplaceThe good-looking black-framed BestMassage 35” 750W/1500W fireplace fits nicely on the wall, and it complements the décor of whichever room it is installed. Its small size allows it to be used in places with space limitations and it even comes with additional stands if you want to place it on the floor or a table.

A significant benefit of using this BestMassage electric fireplace is that it gets hot very quickly. Also, you get two convenient heat control settings, high and low.

The process of mounting this fireplace on the wall is made more accessible due to the inclusion of quality brackets and mounting hardware. The instructions are also quite detailed and easy to understand, enabling users to get set up quickly.

The use of adjustable 3D flames can help you unwind at the end of the day as you gaze in its calming glows. You can adjust the brightness levels for the fire-flames using the remote depending on the mood you want to create.

BestMassage 2-in-1 PROS:

  • Flexible dual heat settings
  • A small portable size that can fit into any room
  • The fireplace warms up very quickly
  • Easy assembly

BestMassage 2-in-1 CONS:

  • Constant hum during operation
  • Irritating beeps when switching it on and also when changing the flame settings

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Our opinion about BestMassage 2-in-1
The small 35” size of this BestMassage electric fireplace allows you to mount it on any wall. It is the ideal solution for average-sized rooms.

Valuxhome Luxey Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Valuxhome Luxey Wall Mounted Electric FireplaceThis wall mounted fireplace from Valuxhome is designed to show that you can get a quality electric heating system without using up all your money. This unit produces 5,100 BTUs, and that is adequate for heating rooms that are 400 sq foot in size.

The realistic and pretty dancing flames on this unit look just like an authentic fireplace. It has an elegant overall design that looks great in your dining room, living room or bedroom.

In addition to a remote control feature, this Valuxhome Luxey 50” has a touchscreen for even more convenience. You can choose from two heat settings and three different flame effects for the crystals or logs, along with the choice of controlling each aspect of the flame separately.

On the safety side, this unit offers an automatic over-heat switch to ensure safe usage. You can also set your desired timing from one hour to nine hours easily.

Valuxhome Luxey PROS:

  • It has a sleek look
  • Easy to set up
  • Produces sufficient heat

Valuxhome Luxey CONS:

  • It must be wall mounted as it does not come with any stands.

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Our opinion about Valuxhome Luxey
For a cost-effective wall mounted electric fireplace, the Valuxhome Luxey 50 inch white model works very well and looks fantastic in any room thanks to its sleek design.

GMHome Electric Fireplace Wall Mounted Freestanding Heater

GMHome Electric Fireplace Wall Mounted Freestanding HeaterOne of the low-cost electric fireplaces on this list, the GMHome electric fireplace can either be mounted on the wall or used in a free-standing mode for better portability. This particular model features a glass panel that is perfect for adding not only warmth but also the ideal ambiance to any room.

Besides having a wide range of realistic flame effects, of up to nine different colors, the brightness of those effects can be adjusted from blazing brightness for lighting up the room, or soft ember glows for when you want to relax.

The heat generated by this GMHome fireplace is perfect for 400 square foot rooms. The temperature can be adjusted between 62°F and 82°F, which is sufficient for most users.

For additional convenience, this fireplace comes with a straightforward remote control where you can adjust the color, temperature, and flame brightness settings.

Other notable features include timer settings and ease of installation.

GMHome Freestanding Heater PROS:

  • The unit generates enough heat for an average-sized room
  • The flame colors are quite attractive
  • It is simple to install
  • Convenient remote control included

GMHome Freestanding Heater CONS:

  • It doesn’t keep the previous settings once switched off, which means you have to configure it every time you switch it on.
  • It can have an annoying beeping sound during operation.

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Our opinion about GMHome Freestanding Heater
Considering the usability, convenience, and user-friendliness of the GMHome 40” electrical fireplace, it provides real value to any home.

Wall Mount Electric Fireplace Buying Guide

It is rather unfortunate that modern homes do not include fireplaces anymore. Nevertheless, you can easily install an electric fireplace in the same way you would connect any wall-mounted appliance, like a flatscreen television.

You merely use the provided wall brackets to secure it onto the wall and then plug the electrical cable in your standard outlet, and you are all set. Some fireplaces even included an extra stand or base that allows you to display the unity on a buffet table or dresser.

With an electric wall mounted fireplace, users get all the advantages of having a real fire without all the inconveniences. Since it runs on electrical power, this unit requires very little maintenance in contrast with conventional fireplaces.

You get the beautifully bright, pulsating LED flames without having to worry about adding firewood, removing the ashes or even venting out any smoke or gases from your home. Overall, it is an environmentally friendly product.

The other notable reason why you would want to install an electric fireplace on your wall is that they are quite stylish. Most of these products feature modern, clean design lines with beautiful ember beds, which can be a mixture of rocks, glass embers or faux logs.

Regardless of which electric fireplace you decide to mount in your living room wall, it is bound to make the area even more appealing.

Also, you can change the different fire-flame settings to create different moods, from bright roaring flames to a low, soothing light when you want to relax.

How to Select the Perfect Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Here are the critical factors to keep in mind when choosing the right electric fireplace to mount in your home:

Installation Style

How do you plan on installing the electric fireplace? Do you want it to be flush against your wall or a bit of it sticking out? For the flush fitting, you will need to dig out a hole in your wall that accommodates the precise dimensions of your fireplace.

This recessed installation is also easier if the unit can fit within your existing cabinetry. Once the hole is created, you slide the fireplace inside flush fit that doesn’t compromise on your space.

In contrast, if you do not want to make any holes in your wall, then you can go for the standard wall-hung installation using brackets.

The advantage of just hanging the fireplace onto your wall is that you can do it quickly without any professional help, unlike recessed mounting.

Location of the Heating Vents

The heating fans on a wall mount electric fireplace can either be at the top or front. If the unit is venting heat from the top, you need to ensure that you are not placing it near your television to avoid damage to your appliances.

Also, top venting electrical fireplaces cannot be installed flush onto the wall since they need that space to distribute the heat. Hence, the location of the heating vents is a significant concern.

The brand reputation

An equally critical consideration when choosing electric fireplaces is the fact that not all these heating systems are created equally. The rule here is to go for products from the leading manufacturers since they are guaranteed to deliver better features and durability.

As you search for the best prices, special deals and discounts, remember to never sacrifice on the build quality and performance of the fireplace.

Check the efficiency

When researching a prospective electric fireplace, you should also consider the relative expenses and measure them against your budget. For instance, determine any additional maintenance or repair costs at the end of the warranty period.

You must ensure you pick an efficient unit that will work seamlessly to give you all the warmth you need while keeping your energy costs low.

What features Does a Higher Quality Fireplace Offer?

The key to finding the perfect electric fireplace for your home is to find the right balance of style and performance.

Look through our reviews and find out which features are in the top models and whether they are worth the extra funds you have to pay.

If having more customizability, including changing multiple flame colors and heat settings, then you should go for the better fireplace.

However, if you want a simple dual-mode electric fireplace with low and high, then a mid-range model will work just fine.

Budget Considerations: Is it Affordable?

The affordability of electric wall-mounted fireplaces is relative and will widely vary based on your budget.

So, it is vital first to set a budget and stick to it regardless of whether you want a $200 unit or one that costs $1,000.

The higher the costs usually means that it features more convenience and nice perks for the user, so that is also worth remembering.

Nevertheless, regardless of the price, you should take good care of your electric fireplace to enhance its durability over the long term.


The perfect electric wall mounted fireplace should be within your budget, easy to set up, and have all the features you want in a heating unit. It should have enough heating power to give you all the warmth you need efficiently.

Choose a user-friendly product with easy adjustability to enable you to get the maximum benefits out of your purchase. It is always helpful to use a fireplace with a remote or touch screen for that extra convenience during operation.

Overall, analyze which electric fireplace will cater to your needs with regards to design, price, and functionality.