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Guest Post Topics We Accept

We are not strict regarding the topics we are willing to post as long as it has some relevance to topics below:

  • Residential interior design (mostly electric fireplace ideas)
  • Home architecture
  • Home Improvement guides
  • Cost-Saving Remodeling Tips and Advice that any homeowner can use

We accept articles, photo galleries, portfolios, how-to articles, tutorials, infographics and videos.

The more images you can provide, the better. Please ensure you have the necessary copyright license to publish the images.

Round-ups and listicles are typically rejected.

How long should your article be?

At the very minimum, your article should be 1000 words, but in our experience in order to adequately cover topics related to home and garden, 1,200 to 3,000 words is necessary.

How many images should you provide?

We don’t have anything set in stone, but 10 is good for a portfolio (the more the merrier). If your article is text-based, 3+ images is a good start. We like using images as examples to illustrate points made in articles. The more the merrier.

Quality is Paramount

Sadly, we reject far more articles than we end up publishing. If you submit an article to us, please ensure it’s excellent, unique and that you have the license to publish all images provided to us.
Your article must exhaustively cover the topic. If there are aspects missing from the coverage, we may reject the article.


  1. Headings: Please use proper heading tags such as h2, h3, etc. The first heading should be h2. The sub-heading h3 and so on. The next main heading should be h2 again.
    Whenever it makes sense, please use bullet lists.
  2. References and outbound links: Reference everything with outbound links (dofollow). Also, whenever it’s helpful for readers, include links to external resources (outbound). We’re all about providing as much beneficial resources for our readers as possible.
  3. Non-promotional: Your article must be informational; not promotional. We’re fine with one dofollow links to your site in the content, but the article itself must be informational.
    If you’d like to submit a promotional article (i.e. sponsored post), let us know.
  4. Attribution: We’re all about giving credit where credit is due. After all, you’re not writing for us for charity. However, any dofollow links provided will only be permitted in the body of the article in a contextual manner that makes sense by linking to a very relevant piece of content that enhances the article for our readers. Byline links will be nofollow. If the content is promotional in any way, all links will be nofollow.
  5. Link to other pages from our website: Please take the time to find related articles on my site and link to at least 2 to 3 of them in the content.
  6. Video inclusion: If there is one or a few excellent videos on YouTube on the topic that enhances the article, please include the YouTube URL link in the article.
  7. Link to your site: We recognize you’re not doing this for altruistic reasons. You can include one dofollow link in the content to a page on your site. Please link to a related, helpful article on your site and do so contextually so that it helps our readers.
  8. Affiliate links: We may add our own affiliate links in your article if it makes sense. If you include your affiliate links, we will swap them out with ours.
  9. Submission format: Kindly submit your article to us in .doc or .docx format.


Please be aware that we reserve the right to reject your guest post. In the event we reject your submission, we’re happy to give you the opportunity to improve the article and resubmit it.


Please note that by submitting an article for publishing on electricfireplaceheater.org you agree that copyright to that article passes to electricfireplaceheater.org and that you won’t publish that article anywhere else.

How to Get Started

Please send us at least one to three guest post title ideas for your guest post. We’ll review the ideas and choose the best fit for our site and get back to you.
Still interested? If you feel that your article can meet these requirements, shoot us an email at info@electricfireplaceheater.org.

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