Best Electric Fireplace Reviews by Users in​ 2018

Last updated on: August 7th, 2018

Best Electric fireplace heater reviews represented by user grades! All reviews on this page are sorted by user grades who already bought and rated this products This fireless heaters are state of the art and can provide warmth, pleasure and sound of realistic fire with or without producing heat. Some users want only warm crackling fire but others want the benefit of having a fire place with no work involved.

We also eliminate the need for burning gas or wood to produce a flame to heat a room. This removes emissions that harm the environment and can put your family or users in danger.

Our Top Rated Electric Fireplace Heaters

Altra Furniture Chicago Fireplace TV Stand Review

Altra Furniture Chicago Fireplace TV Stand Leading in our list is the Altra Furniture 50-inch Chicago Fireplace TV Stand that comes to offer more than warmth in those cold winter days.

The unit elegantly displays its stylish TV stand look and is widely available in three colors black, espresso and natural.

The Altra Furniture unit is pretty affordable with an incredible room heating capability that can quickly cover 400 sq.ft.

Its insert dimensions are 18-inches, and it weighs around 95 pounds.

When you purchase this electric fireplace unit, you also gain access to the sleek 2-side glass cabinets, which you can use to store your living room accessories such as DVD players and the remote.

Also, there is an accessible open shelf that helps to maintain the tidiness of the fireplace by acting as a storage room for AV components.

The construction of this best electric fireplace tv stand comprises of particleboard and limited MDF complete with a black wood finish that perfectly suits into any home décor.

Altra Furniture Fireplace TV Stand PROS:

  • Produces a with/without heat flame
  • LED light source
  • Offers open storage space
  • Can hold up to 50-inch flat screen TV

Altra Furniture Fireplace TV Stand CONS:

  • Hard to assemble

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Our opinion on Altra Furniture Fireplace TV Stand

This unit presents a sturdy fantastic duty construction that guarantees durability and reliability. And although the door installation might be a little bit tricky, you will be glad of your choice once it’s all up and functioning.

PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace Insert with Remote Control Review

PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace Insert with Remote ControlMost individuals construct their homes with an inclusion of a fireplace location. If that’s your case, then the PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace 33″ makes an ideal choice.

The fireplace unit comes with a unique design that perfectly fits into your existing fireplace without any need for a renovation.

The good news is that the appliance is available in several sizes for your preference according to your home and space needs. From 26 to 33-inches, you can forget about all the disappointments from your previous purchases.

This electric fireplace insert is energy efficient as it embraces the use of LED technology so you can rest easy as you enjoy the warmth.

With a capability to produce heat up-to 400 square-feet, you and your family can enjoy some bonding time without necessarily moving close to the fire-point.

It also comes with a remote for convenience and offers a 3-flame option for your preference.

PuraFlame Fireplace Insert PROS:

  • Has an adjustable thermostat
  • Incredible burning flame designs
  • Classic style
  • Quiet unit
  • Quality materials

PuraFlame Fireplace Insert CONS:

  • Doesn’t offer color options
  • Short power cord

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Our opinion on PuraFlame Fireplace Insert

We find the wood and flame of this PuraFlame fireplace unit pretty realistic. The heater is hotter than you can imagine; therefore, it’s a worthy purchase.

Touchstone Sideline Recessed Mounted Electric Fireplace Review

Touchstone Sideline Recessed Mounted Electric FireplaceFinding the perfect electric fireplace for your modern home isn’t an easy task. That’s why Touchstone Home Product manufacturers offer you the Touchstone Sideline Recessed Mounted Electric Fireplace.

The best wall mount electric fireplace is not only sleek and very modern but also large enough to proudly display its realistic flames in a heap of faux logs or merely the crystal hearth.

The Touchstone fireplace unit like similar products in this list has a fantastic heating capability of up-to 400 square-feet, which is good enough for most medium-sized homes.

It also offers you freedom of control with its two heat-setting, where you get to select between high and low. You also get to adjust the flames to your liking.

This appliance breathes life into your space with its three color changing options (orange, blue-orange and blue) that you can easily control with a remote.

Touchstone Sideline Electric Fireplace PROS:

  • Multi-mode setting
  • Can function with/without heat
  • Has a safety auto-shut feature
  • Inclusive of mounting accessories
  • Both low and long wall installation

Touchstone Sideline Electric Fireplace CONS:

  • Limiting two heat-output options
  • Not suitable for large spaces

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Our opinion on Touchstone Sideline Electric Fireplace

Save-up on energy costs with this energy-efficient electric fireplace from Touchstone. And even if you might run out of heat output control, that’s nothing given the several features you stand to gain.

Walker Edison W58FP18ES Fireplace TV Stand Review

Walker Edison W58FP18ES Fireplace TV StandImagine having a media center at your home, which doubles up like a fireplace? Well, that’s what you should expect when you purchase Walker Edison manufacturers’ Fireplace W58FP18ES TV Stand.

This exceptionally gorgeous unit offers you not only an electric fireplace but also a spacious storage space and firm stand for your TV as a bonus.

Its heating power capacity readily compares to products within its range of about 400 square feet, which is the standard requirement for a small to medium-sized room.

With this classy modern fireplace unit, you can rest easy as it doesn’t pose any touch-risk to both your child (ren) and pet(s), as its coo-to-touch.

You, however, have to deal with a limitation on the heating choices as the media center takes up more space and control.

Also, there is a heat on/off option that doesn’t offer the heat level selection choice.

Walker Edison W58FP18ES PROS:

  • Gives a neat appearance with hidden electric cord
  • Overheat Auto-shut off option
  • Very sturdy
  • Two color finishes

Walker Edison W58FP18ES CONS:

  • Doesn’t include a remote control
  • No timing-function

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Our opinion on Walker Edison W58FP18ES

The Walker Edison Fireplace W58FP18ES TV Stand can accommodate a 58-inch TV. It also provides enough space for a standard home media center, thus quite economical.

Real Flame 8020E-W Crawford Electric Fireplace Review

Real Flame 8020E-W Crawford Electric FireplaceNext is the Real Flame Crawford Electric 8020E-W Fireplace that proudly displays an incredible combination of elegance and classy model.

This electric fireplace unit is undeniable of high-quality status, which would add glamor to your contemporary home setting and interior décor.

At a weight of 87 pounds, it’s very portable, and you will appreciate its simple assembling procedure.

The Real Flame product can easily plug into any standard home wall outlet, thus giving you ample installation time, even on your own.

Also, given its flat surface, it can accommodate a flat-screen TV, which will make family time more interesting with a clear view of the near-life flame glow.

Its heater is rating stands at 1400 watts, and it makes use of the efficient LED lights.

Real Flame 8020E-W PROS:

  • Comes with a remote control
  • Highly durable wood construction
  • Quick assembling procedure
  • Classy design
  • Extremely portable

Real Flame 8020E-W CONS:

  • Limitations on lighting styles

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Our opinion on Real Flame 8020E-W

You will love the slim design of the Real Flame Crawford Electric 8020E-W Fireplace as much as we did its simple installation process. The heat is pretty nice and hot with very realistic logs.

Southern Enterprises Cartwright Convertible Electric Fireplace Review

Southern Enterprises Cartwright Convertible Electric FireplaceIf a classic design of the fireplace is what you’re searching for your new home, then you would love the traditional well-crafted features of the Southern Enterprises Cartwright Convertible Electric Fireplace.

This electric fireplace leaves nothing to the imagination with its unique combination of flames that glitter with a realistic multi-color output.

You will love the near to real-life embers and logs set, which together with the undeniably creative visual-effects will refresh your childhood memories around the traditional fireplace.

And if your love for bricks spreads to interior accessorizing, then the brick-work finish of this fireplace would add value to your home and proudly display your style with a touch of distinctive lighting.

The unit also acts as a multi-media panel that can withstand the weight of a flat-screen TV of up-to 851b.

It also offers multiple installation options as it can fit into the corner of your room or a flat wall section of your choice.

Southern Enterprises Cartwright PROS:

  • It produces heat coverage to 400 sq.ft.
  • Uses a standard wall outlet
  • Long cord for flexibility
  • Displays fantastic visual effects
  • Excellent User-friendly remote control features

Southern Enterprises Cartwright CONS:

Noisy turning-off reports

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Our opinion on Southern Enterprises Cartwright

The convenience that comes with the remote control option of this electric fireplace makes it a worthy addition in your home. It’s is also simple to assemble, and the classic design comes out beautifully.

Best Choice Products Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace Heater Review

Best Choice Products Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace HeaterA large highly fashionable flat-screen display is what the Best Choice Manufacturers offer with their modern-looking Electric Wall Mounted 50″ Fireplace.

This unit will immediately turn into the center of attraction in your space immediately you set it up.

And to spice things a little bit more, it offers a three-mode flame display that would allow you to flip through the low and high heat settings.

The look is made complete by the equally amazing five brightness options that can turn your room into a brisk morning or dark evening.

It also comes with a timer that gives you access to pre-set options from 30 minutes to 7.5 hours without consuming so much power.

This fireplace appliance package includes a remote control and all the necessary information that would simplify the mounting procedure.

Best Choice Products Electric Heater PROS:

  • Environmental friendly
  • Sidewall mounting
  • Fantastic flame displays
  • Multiple brightness options
  • Self-timer feature

Best Choice Products Electric Heater CONS:

  • Not suitable for recessed walls

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Our opinion on Best Choice Products Electric Heater

We love this unit’s nice look. Its flames are also incredibly realistic with a recommendable heating option. The only drawback is that it’s only for wall-mounting.

e-Flame USA Hamilton Portable Electric Fireplace Stove Review

e-Flame USA Hamilton Portable Electric Fireplace StoveBlack has always been trendy and classic. Therefore having a matte black no-messy fireplace in your home, like the e-Flame USA Hamilton Portable Electric Fireplace Stove, guarantees you long-term use under multiple décor options.

The appliance offers a near-to-life burning flames effects that suit any space within your home.

And if you love experiencing some quality time in various rooms of your home, then you will enjoy its light-weight nature as you can carry it wherever you want without help.

Its quiet nature makes it ideal for homes with young children or a bedroom location as you get to embrace the several heat regulation options.

It also has a safety protection feature to ensure you stay safe when it overheats or rolls over.

There is also no finger-burning risk with this home fireplace unit as it stays cool all the time, meaning you and your loved ones can handle it at whatever time you want.

e-Flame USA Hamilton Fireplace Stove PROS:

  • Has a no-heat option glowing flames
  • Rich classic black outlook
  • Energy-efficient
  • Very portable

e-Flame USA Hamilton Fireplace Stove CONS:

  • No remote control

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Our opinion on e-Flame USA Hamilton Fireplace Stove

This unit makes an excellent little heater for small spaces. It also stays cool all the time making it ideal for homes with pets and small children.

Golden Vantage European Style Freestand Portable Electric Fireplace Heater Stove Review

Golden Vantage European Style Freestand Portable Electric Fireplace Heater StoveUnlike large spaces, finding a perfect fireplace for small spaces with incredible features isn’t an easy task. But you can now rest easy with Golden Vantage’s European Style Free-stand 23” Electric Fireplace.

The free-standing appliance mimics the appearance of the traditional stove and takes up little space.

At its budget, this unit offers impressive adjustable flame brightness features that would light-up your little space, once you turn it on.

Another remarkable aspect is the realistic flame effects that you can turn-on even without heating.

And since it’s lightweight and free-standing, you can carry it to various locations of your home with ease, thus enjoying the convenience of heating in whichever place you choose.

Its bulb embraces the use of LED lights, which is energy efficient and would save you energy bills.

You get to control this top fireplace unit with the help of the easily reachable control-buttons, which functions pretty well even without a remote.

Golden Vantage Freestand Electric Stove PROS:

  • Flat front style for full display
  • Beautiful red LED lights
  • Easily portable
  • Sturdy tempered glass and steel construction

Golden Vantage Freestand Electric Stove CONS:

  • No timer
  • No remote

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Our opinion on Golden Vantage Freestand Electric Stove

Coming with a 1-year warranty, we find the features of this simple modern fireplace quite impressive. It, however, could do better with some fire sound effects.

Duraflame DFI021ARU Electric Log Set Heater with Realistic Ember Bed Review

Duraflame DFI021ARU Electric Log Set Heater with Realistic Ember Bed As we conclude, we cannot forget to mention the Duraflame Electric Log Set Heater DFI021ARU.

The electric fireplace can comfortably provide a heat capacity of up to 400-square feet without taking a toll on your energy bills.

It works well with your existing fireplace, thus allowing you to switch its functionality from traditional to electric once the unit is in place.

Be ready for a breath-taking fireplace bonding moments with your family as you watch in awe the rolling and pulsating of the realistic flames onto the backside of your traditional fireplace.

And as a security detail, the appliance comes with an automatic turn-off feature for those random overheating moments.

It also gives you control of your room temperature with the adjustable thermostat feature.

You can also run your errands in peace as the stay-cool component ensures the safety of your little ones.

Duraflame DFI021ARU PROS:

  • Easy to maneuver
  • Works with built-in wall recesses
  • Real-looking logs
  • Easy maintenance
  • Two fire effects

Duraflame DFI021ARU CONS:

  • Not very powerful
  • Short plug

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Our opinion on Duraflame DFI021ARU

We recommend this electric unit because it doesn’t use up much electricity. The heat might not be that powerful, but it does a pretty fantastic job.

Electric Fireplace Heaters Buying Guide

Nothing beats the warm and welcoming ambiance brought about by a fire during the cold season.

And while some people still hold high-esteem the traditional wood-burning and gas-dependent fireplaces, most individuals living in modern home settings would vouch for electric fireplaces any day.

The contemporary units offer a smoke-free heat source, which is not only recommendable health-wise but also quite affordable in the long-run.

It makes an ideal choice for homeowners who don’t want to add the chimney part in their designs, as well as the environmental conservation enthusiasts.

Tips on Choosing the Best Electric Fireplace

The correct definition of a home revolves around the luxury and comfort it offers to its members.

Having an electric fireplace is one way of keeping a house habitable especially over winter.

Take a look at our tips below or you could simply go with reputable brand name like Duraflame or Dimplex. You can’t miss with these Dimplex electric fireplace reviews. If you’re interested in best flame effect electric fire than you also need to check Dimplex optimyst electric fireplace reviews here.

Therefore, when selecting a favorable fireplace for you and your family, there are various factors of consideration that you shouldn’t ignore.

What’s the Appropriate Design?

When it comes to design, you would be confused at what the marketplace has to offer.

Hence, to avoid frustrations during your shopping trip, you better settle on the most appropriate design that would blend with your interiors’ design.

First, would you like a unit that’s standing on its own (best fireplace entertainment center maybe), one you can insert into your space or a wall-mounted one?

Deciding on this will give you a rough idea as to where to start shopping.


If you settle for a wall-mounted fireplace, ensure you have sufficient room for protrusion that would typically range from between 6-10-inches.

The installation procedure for this kind of stove is pretty simple so long as you already have the mounting bracket in place.

Don’t shy asking for help if you find the wall-fixing stressful.

Nevertheless, we don’t recommend this fireplace design to homeowners working in limited space as it tends to stand out on full walls.

They also make excellent additions for homes with pets and small children as they are off the freeway space.

Freestanding Electric Fireplaces

Better yet, there is also the free-standing model that would remind you of the classic wood stove.

You can set it anywhere you like and enjoy the warm embrace on your skin.

And it’s for this reason that they make ideal choices for small rooms or places with renovation restrictions such as rented apartments.

Some people prefer setting their free-standing fireplace in a traditional fireplace section.

And if this happens to be the case, then it’s advisable to get the measurements right so that it fits well into place.

Mantelpiece Electric Fireplaces

These rank among the top preferred fireplaces, probably because of their incredible combination of classic and contemporary wooden looks.

You can get it as part of the décor for your medium-sized space and also get to enjoy the excellent heat emission.

Mantel Fireplace Electric Inserts

However, if you decide to go for the best electric fireplace insert then you should be ready for a quite tricky installation process that would in most cases require the services of an expert.

The designs make favorable picks for traditional/classic home settings as they fit into the wall/hearth.

The good news is that they come in several sizes and shapes to complement your furniture.

They also produce an incredible LED lights sight that would leave you and your guests mesmerized.

Electric Fireplace Stoves

These types of fireplaces work to display the fantastic work of innovation on traditional stoves proudly.

Most of them come with a durable construction of steel complete with a transparent glass.

They are the go-to models especially if you’re living in a small room or would like something for your bedroom.

However, this doesn’t compromise on their efficiency as some of these designs have an incredibly high amount of heat emission.

The fact that they are so light makes them even more favorable for individuals who like moving around.

Like the free standing fireplace, the electric fireplace stoves don’t require installation but functions well with some ventilation.

They are also very energy-efficient so be ready to save-up some bucks.

What’s The Appropriate Size?

Since electric fireplaces occupy some space like their traditional counterparts, we cannot ignore the aspect of size.

First, it’s vital to have in mind the specific location/space where you will be placing the unit.

Deciding on the location will give you ample time to take the appropriate measurements so that you settle for a perfect match when you head to the stores.

And since these fireplaces come in different sizes as they do models, you shouldn’t frustrate yourself with what wouldn’t match your room expectations.

There are several options in the marketplace for every space. So relax and enjoy your shopping adventure!

How Durable Is The Construction?

We always advise you to consider quality over quantity whenever you decide to purchase a fixture for whichever part of your home.

It’s frustrating to spend a significant amount of money on a unit that wouldn’t last you for even a year.

Therefore, take your time and conduct thorough research on various brands before purchasing one.

Nowadays product reviews are easily accessible through the internet so sourcing out information shouldn’t be difficult.

Also, choose products that offer warranty details over those that don’t as you get to test for efficiency with a guarantee.

What’s its Electricity Consumption Rate?

Most countries in the world are busy implementing energy-conservation policies, so you don’t want to be left behind.

Therefore, it’s vital to consider the electricity consumption rates of all the electric equipment you purchase for your home.

The same case applies to all types of electric fireplaces.

Consequently, ensure your home’s energy output rate corresponds to the fireplace you choose to avoid inconveniences.

Besides, settling for an energy-efficient device will go a long way into saving you energy bills.

Does It Suit My Style?

As we mentioned earlier, it’s easy selecting various shapes of electric fireplaces.

However, for this to offer the most appropriate effect to your space, you need to consider the several styles of use they present.

For instance, purchasing a contemporary electric fireplace could man that you consider the various technological aspects it embraces.

There are those that emit multiple-flames uniquely and thrillingly, while others are quite traditional.

Also, some makes offer you an option to choose either faux logs or pebbles, while others allow interchanging between the two according to your liking.

Another aspect you should pay close attention to is the color of the flame as they aren’t uniform.

While some individuals prefer a single-flame, others prefer multiple interchangeable and adjustable ones.

So whichever you prefer, the choice remains yours to make.

Remember, an ideal fireplace is the one that takes up all the attention of its users, so be choosy if you have to for that sure fantastic choice.

What about the Heat Output?

A fireplace; be it the traditional or electric one, has one primary function and that’s to heat up the room.

So it will be a total wastage of money if you buy an electric fireplace that doesn’t meet your expectations.

That aside, you have to ensure the amount of heat is efficient and that you also got some control of how much heat you need at a specific time.

However, not all electric fireplaces are easy to control, therefore look for user-friendly options within your budget.

Some people end up complementing their electric fireplaces with other forms of heaters, though this is an expensive option.

Does it Offer Warranty?

Warranty is no longer an option these days, most especially if you’re purchasing a product for the first time or a newly introduced product in the marketplace.

And although most manufacturers offer warranty details, some don’t cover some aspects such as electric damages.

You should, therefore, ensure you get the right warranty information from the onset to avoid disappointments.

Generally, you should expect any top-product to come with warranty details, especially on manufacturer faults.

How useful are The Controls?

Like most electrical products out there, most if not all electric fireplaces come with user control options that seek to offer you total control of the units.

From several heating settings to flame emission options, your preferences dictate the nature of the warming sessions.

Additionally, some high-end fireplaces allow you to select the nature of brightness that would be evident on the coals.

You might also come across those fireplaces with remote control features, on/off time settings as well as security settings in case the unit overheats while you’re away.

Nevertheless, fireplace ovens don’t offer many options as they come with the standard settings for standard functionality.

How long is The Power Cord?

Although most people ignore this in the beginning, the length of the unit power cord is essential as it dictates as to how far you can move/place it from the power source.

It’s even more vital for wall-mounted and inserts electric fireplaces.

It’s therefore essential to check out the length of the cord if your home power source is some distance away from your ideal unit location.

Remember it isn’t safe to use an extension, so get that idea off your mind.

Why Should I Purchase An Electric Fireplace?

They aren’t Messy

Imagine the burden of carrying around wood, sweeping away the ash remains and having to deal with endless smoke?

Who wouldn’t want to get away from such a mess?

The electric fireplace guarantees better heat releasing flames without a touch of smelly gas.

The reflection of such flames is also eye-catching more especially if it comes with multiple-flame settings.

Since the source of heat in these units doesn’t require firewood, you can relax without moving a muscle as you flip through the remote control in case you need t change the settings.

They’re Environmental-friendly

The mere mention of no fumes, smoke or gas triggers a positive mood in electric fireplace users.

But the joy doesn’t stop there as the environment also joins in the celebration as the surroundings can now offer you uncorrupt air that would keep all allergic reactions at bay.

With this, you can pride yourself on playing your part in environmental conservation.

It even gets better with an energy-efficient option.

They’re Both Child and Pet-Friendly

Fire hazards are among the most dangerous causes of household deaths and injuries in home-related accidents.

Therefore, most individuals tend to hold back whenever they think of purchasing a household fireplace.

However, that shouldn’t be the case with electric fireplaces as the flames aren’t even real and the coils responsible for heat formation are well-hidden within the screen; hence no accident risk whosoever.

And in case you aren’t near and the system gets to an overheat point, the automatic safety shut-off feature in most brands work to ensure your loved ones are not in danger.

You, however, have to exercise the necessary cautionary measures by providing the unit is off every time you indulge in time-consuming activities such as long walks, work-outs or sleeping.

They Offer You Heating Options

Although most individuals get electric fireplaces for heating purposes, you can also use them for other purposes especially during summer.

For instance, since most of these units come with heating settings, you can choose to keep the heat option off and get to enjoy the bright flames without the feel of heat.


So you can use the fireplace as part of a decoration for an evening party and get to dance the night away with your friends. It’s a double win for you.
As you already figure out, there are various benefits that the best electric fireplace heaters stand to bring into your home. And if you religiously adhere to the above tips, we are sure you’ll love your top electric fireplaces reviews choice. The secret is to settle for a fireplace that offers maximum control options for ample use throughout the year.