How to Make an Electric Fire for a Fake Fireplace

A fake fire generates a visible effect involving flickering faux flames and fire colours. Fake electric fires act as campfire props as well as stage settings, and produce an effective centerpiece for a fake fireplace. The benefits of a electric fire contain the lack of fire danger, retaining the electric fireplace and air clear and without any fumes and carbon, and the chance to add a energetic, three-dimensional attractive feature to the room. Personalize the faux fire to fit your faux fireplace and create your personal electric fireplace entertainment center. Provide your faux fireplace the feel of a crackling electrical fire using a few simple materials.

How to make an electric fire for a fake fireplace

Things you’ll need:

  • Little logs or split firewood
  • Mirror is optional
  • Felt pen
  • Yellow and orange cellophane
  • Scissors
  • Little fan
  • Extra-strength adhesive
  • Flickering faux candle


  1. Measure the actual faux fireplace. Prefer to make flames no less than fifty percent the height of the fireplace opening. Stand back and choose exactly how wide and high you would like to create the faux fire to make it appear genuine. As an example, in the event the length from the fireplace ground towards top of the fireplace opening is 30 inches, make the artificial fire 15 inches high. Create the fire a minimum of half the width of the fireplace opening.
  2. Small wooden logsAcquire small wooden logs or split logs the length you selected for the size of the fire within step 1.
  3. Position a mirror from the back wall of the faux fireplace, if you wanted so. This will boost the light result and feeling of motion of the fire.
  4. Sketch flame shapes on the cellophane using a felt pen. Make the particular flame shapes diverse heights, having one flame with every coloring reaching to the height you picked in step 1. Making different heights and shapes in the flames generates a realistic effect. Make the flames broad at the bottom and pointed towards the top.
  5. Cut the cellophane to the fire formsCellophane flames.
  6. Heap the electric fireplace logs to appear like an actual fire compared to the faux fireplace. Keep a space in the center of the firewood for your fan.
  7. Position the fan on the fireplace ground, looking upwards. A small fan made for a computer or from an electronics supply store, or a little battery-powered fan with rechargeable batteries is best suited.
  8. Glue the bottoms of the cellophane flames to the fireplace logs, switching colours. Allow the flames to dry for a minimum of 20 minutes.
  9. Place a flickering fake candle in the center of the fireplace logs and turn it on. Switch on the fan to simulate electric fireplace heater.

Although nothing looks really warm and appealing as a real fire you just created a good electrical fire which can stimulate many of the identical emotions whilst being an definitely safer option for a stationary display. The most effective fake fire design is one that imitates the look of a fire’s flickering light while suggesting the shapes as well as colours of a man-made campfire. But for the best effect purchase on of the best electric fireplace heaters!

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