Dimplex Yardley Electric Fireplace Entertainment Center – Glass Embers

Dimplex Yardley Electric Fireplace Entertainment Center - Glass Embers

Dimplex Yardley Electric Fireplace & Entertainment Center – Glass Embers

Check price on Amazon today of Dimplex Yardley Electric Fireplace & Entertainment Center – Glass Embers!Dimplex Yardley Electric Fireplace Entertainment Center - Glass Embers

Product Review

The Dimplex Yardley Media Electric Fireplace is meticulously designed to deliver functional style. The media console comes with a 33 inch firebox and storage for media components, plus it can hold up to a 65-inch television. The breathtaking walnut mantle finish complements the brushed nickel equipment and stylish trim detail.  The Yardley Media Console with Electric Fireplace is the ideal addition to any traditional room.

Firebox Options

Two firebox insert choices, logs or glass embers, are available with the Dimplex Yardley Media Console Electric Fireplace media center. Select the patented LED inner glow logs insert for an unmatched fake fire experience. The wood is hand-crafted and molded from real wooden logs for incredible realism.  If you like a more contemporary look, the glass embers insert is the perfect choice.  Light shines and reflects off the asymmetrical-sized glass pieces producing an appealing, alluring sophisticated fake fire effect.

Cost-effective as well as Efficient

This Dimplex Electric Fireplace generates 2,593 BTUs of supplemental heat for rooms up to 400 square feet employing a portion of the energy consumed by gas fireplaces. See how it compares to other best electric fireplace at electric fireplace reviews. With all-electric operation, this energy-efficient electric fireplace heater operates for just pennies a day.  Since this electric fireplace entertainment center is simply plugged into a standard electrical outlet, the fire is from electrical energy, not fuel-based energy. No harmful greenhouse gases are being produced and emitted since no actual combustion takes place with the Yardley Electric Fireplace making it a green chimney free electric fireplace for heating the home.

Important Features

  • Sufficient Storage:  A center shelf and side cabinets provide storage for media components.
  • Overheat Protection:  In the event that the electric fireplace heater overheats, the heater fan will automatically shut off and will not resume working until the power is manually reset.
  • Thermostat Control:  Adjust 2,593 BTU fan-forced heater to ensure consistent comfort throughout your home.
  • Non-Heat Option: Operate your electric fireplace with heat during cold winter months or with flame only during the rest of the year for an inviting ambiance 365 days of the year.
  • On/Off Remote:  Turn the fireplace on/off without ever leaving your seat.
  • Low Maintenance:  Upkeep consists of lightly cleaning the glass surface with a dry cloth and periodically replacing the light bulbs whenever you notice a dark section of the flame.

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