Best Electric Fireplace Insert Reviews in​ 2018

Electric fireplace inserts are made to fit into existing firesides, including nearly every dimension brick or steel covered hearth. They frequently provide LED inner glow logs with pulsating embers to give you a remarkably realistic fake flame effect minus the maintenance. Set up is straightforward too. Just connect the best fireplace insert into a common 120-volt wall plug and place it within your existing fire place. It’s also possible to operate this heater with or without producing heat, making them fantastic year-round improvments to your décor.

Number 10: Dimplex 1225 Watt Open Hearth

Dimplex 1225 Watt Open Hearth B009SF204C

The Dimplex 1225 is an open hearth that can be fitted into any fireplace opening with minimum dimensions of 30”(W)x24”(H)x18”(D).

All features and settings can be operated easily by a multi-function digital remote control. Easy to plug-in and operate. The Dimplex 1225 weighs only around 20 pounds. It comes with 1 year of manufacturer warranty.

This electric hearth has LED ambiance lights that produce a real-like fire effect. It has authentic metal log grate. It can be operated with or without heat. Power consumption for this electrical unit is 1225 Watts.

This best small electric fireplace also features hard-finished logs with natural inner glow and pulsating embers for providing the user a real fireplace experience. The fan-forced heat (heat is spread with the help of a fan running quietly) provides 4200 BTU/hr of warmth. Dimplex 1225 is designed specifically for providing a real like hearth experience to its user with super ease of its operation.

Like every other product, this real looking hearth has its own pros and cons, which are mentioned below:


  • Include realistic effect.
  • Easy to set-up.
  • No gas/fumes.
  • Easy controlling of heat and effect.

  • Awkward remote.
  • A little over the budget price.

Nonetheless, this best fireplace insert has a great reviews standing by its side. The customers are quite pleased with their purchase of Dimplex 1225. The great real like experience provided by this electrical heater outlasts its few disadvantages.

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ClassicFlame 28 28II200GRA B00CI6TWEO

Number 9: ClassicFlame 28 inch Fixed Glass Spectrafire Infrared Quartz – 28II200GRA
The ClassicFlame 28 inch Fixed Glass Spectrafire Infrared Quartz is among the best electrical fireplace insert. It uses three infrared quartz tubes for heating.

ClassicFlame suggests 28II200GRA as an ideal solution for zone heating needs and requirements. It can maintain a soft, moist and safe heat environment without reducing the oxygen supply or the humidity.

The LED technology used in this electrical insert provides a realistic flame effect and also saves energy. The ClassicFlame 28II200GRA uses a 120 volt, 3 prong ground outlet.

The heater and blower of this unit can be turned off, so as to produce ambience of hearth without the unnecessary heat. This electric unit uses much less electricity than a standard quartz heater and thus saves energy.

This electrical hearth comes with a digital thermostat, black frame and fixed glass front face. It also features a multi-function remote control.

Manufacturer is providing a 1 year warranty on this best fireplace insert.

The ClassicFlame 28 inch Fixed Glass Spectrafire Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplace Insert has the following set of pros and cons:


  • Costs less to run.
  • Additional blower located in centre.
  • Decent looking adjustable flames.
  • Efficient Quartz heater.
  • Realistic fireplace experience.

  • Not suitable for corners.
  • Poor heating in directions other than the front.

If you are looking for a realistic open fireplace experience and an efficient quartz heater then the SpectraFire 28II200GRA can be a good buy for you.

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World Marketing CG Electric Log Set B00519AJL0

Number 8: World Marketing CG Electric Log Set w Heater

This 16.4 pounds weighing electrical product is manufactured by World Marketing  and has 25.1”(W)x12.1”(D)x15”(H) as its dimensions.

Offering three different style options, it can be fitted for adding ambiance to any hearth. With glowing ember bed the World Marketing CG Electric Log Set Heater provides a realistic flames experience.

The built-in heater provides up to 5000 BTU’s of warmth. The LED technology used in this electric heater is both brilliant and energy efficient. This best fireplace inserts also projects flame into the existing firebox.

A remote control is also provided to easily adjust the settings of the electric heater as per the requirements of the user. Whether to use for heating the environment to a comfortable temperature or as a realistic fireplace experience, this electric heater serves both needs.

Manufacturer warranty for this electric heater is 3 years.

Mentioned below are some of the pros and cons offered by World Marketing CG Electric Log Set with Heater:


  • Inexpensive buy.
  • 3 year warranty.
  • Featured remote control.
  • Realistic hearth experience.
  • No sound.

  • The cord/plug gets too hot to touch.
  • Can’t be used for long runs.

To sum up, this small sized and not expensive electric heater is a best option for economical buy and for small runs. Long runs for this electrical unit should be avoided. The logs and flames although provide a realistic fireplace experience.

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Pleasant Hearth Electric Insert B005G6TMCU

Number 7: Pleasant Hearth Electric Insert with Heater
This electrical insert is manufactured by Pleasant Hearth. This electric insert weighs around 23 pounds and its dimensions are 23”(H)x10.8”(D)x21.8”(H).

The log set of this electric insert is powered by an energy efficient LED technology. It requires 120 volt outlet for plugging in.

Pleasant Hearth Electric Heater can heat a room up to 400 square feet. Remote control is also provided to easily configure and adjust the settings of this electrical product, as per the requirements of the user.

It fits in most of the fireplaces. The randomly glowing logs and ember bed along with the realistic flame effect adds real like experience of a fireplace. Fan forced-air heater provides 4600 BTU of warmth up to 400 square feet.

The remote control can be used to adjust the flame and temperature of this electrical heater. It also features a nice metal back.

This best fireplace inserts has the following pros and cons featured by it:


  • Antique look.
  • Ease of use with the remote control.
  • Realistic flames and logs for added ambience.
  • Heat off functionality available.
  • Beautiful black finish.

  • Cannot run on 220V supply.
  • Could have brighter flame.

Over all, this insert is worth a try as the customers who bought this heater are enjoying its ease of use with the remote control, realistic flames and good warmth.

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XtremepowerUS 28.5 B00H8VSD58

Number 6: XtremepowerUS 28.5” 1500W 5200BTU Embedded W/Remote Control
This Electric Insert Heater is manufactured by XtremepowerUS.

This product weighs around 20 pounds. The dimensions for this electrical heater are 28.5”, 21” and 6.75” for width, height and depth, respectively.

This one of the best electric fireplace insert is capable of providing 5200 BTU for greater warmth.

This electrical insert heater can be operated at two different modes, one at 750W and other at 1500W. A remote control is also included with this product for convenience in its usage.

Other features for the electric heater include log flame effect, insert style fireplace and a glass viewing window. With good looks and great functionality, it is a good option for a smokeless fireplace.

Like every other best fireplace inserts, this electrical product has its own sets of pros and cons, which are described below:


  • 5200 BTU of warmth.
  • Two modes of operation.
  • Featured Remote control.
  • Glass viewing window.
  • Adjustable flame brightness.

  • Fan is a little noisy.
  • Not an economical buy.

To sum up, the XtremepowerUS 28.5 inch one of the best electric fireplace insert is a good option for people looking to spend some extra money for a good quality electric fireplace with adjustable flame brightness options.

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Dimplex DFI2309 B000GLIZXW

Number 5: Dimplex DFI2309
Dimplex DFI2309 is an electric fireplace insert manufactured by Dimplex. The flame technology used in this electrical fireplace insert is patented by the company.

It features 1 year of limited warranty.

Power consumption by this unit is 1375 Watts. It can be plugged into the standard household outlet.

It is easy to install into a fireplace. The built-in fan forced heater distributes the heat uniformly and quietly into the surroundings.

It weighs around 33 pounds and 23.2”(W)x19.6”(H)x10.8”(D) are its dimensions. Shipping for this product is available for some countries, other than the US. It has three modes of operation, full heat, half heat, or flame only.

Following are the pros and cons of the Dimplex DFI2309 one of the best Electric Fireplace Inserts:


  • Hassle free installation.
  • Realistic Flames provide real like fireplace experience.
  • No carbon monoxide production and other emissions.
  • Reliable Safety.
  • Cost effective on runs.
  • Can be fitted in any fireplace having minimum dimensions required.

  • A little expensive buy.
  • Fan runs slower at high setting.

Over all, this electric best fireplace insert is a great buy for people looking to spend some extra bucks for both quality and looks. Not suitable buy for economical buyers.

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AKDY 28 Black Azfl-EF06-28r

Number 4:AKDY 28” Black Firebox Curve Glass Panel W/Remote Azfl-EF06-28r

The AKDY 28” Black Electric Firebox Fireplace Heater Insert Curve Glass Panel W/Remote Azfl-EF06-28r is a smokeless fireplace heater.

This unit runs simply by plugging it into a standard household electrical (120V) outlet. It can be placed in any existing fireplace.

The electric flame technology employed by this best fireplace insert is patented by the company. The front panel glass of the unit is curved, giving it a great design.

It weighs around 45-46 pounds and its dimensions are 28”(W)x23.5”(H)x11.5”(D). It has realistic feel due to its real like flame image, log set and ember bed.

A remote control is also provided for convenience to the user and also to adjust the settings of the product with ease. AKDY offers a 1 year limited warranty on this product.

Every product has its own advantages and disadvantages, and this product is no exception. So, below are the pros and cons of this product:


  • Patented electrical flame technology.
  • Realistic fireplace experience.
  • Featured remote control.
  • Easy installation.
  • Simple plug in to standard household (120V) outlet.
  • Thermostat-controlled.

  • Loud beeps on turning on and changing settings.
  • A little expensive for economical buyers.

Overall, this electric fireplace heater is one of the best fireplace inserts there in the market. However, a little more money has to be spend in order to enjoy its realistic fireplace experience.

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Classic Flame 33EF023GRA B0088B2RH2

best electric fireplace awards thirdClassic Flame 33EF023GRA Fixed Front 33” w/Backlit Display, with Remote
Classic Flame brings the 33EF023GRA electrical heater for the electric fireplace customers.

It is a 1350 Watt heater, which provides 4600 BTU of warmth to its users. The LED technology employed in this electrical unit is both beautiful and power saver.

This heater can be used at any time of the year, thanks to its option for shutting down the heat without shutting the ambience of the logs and flames. No venting or gas lines are required for this electric fireplace insert.

It has 10.4”(D)x34.1”(W)x26.1”(H) dimensions, with weight around 46 pounds.

Shipping to some selected countries, other than US are also available. Classic Flame covers a 12-month limited parts warranty on the product.

Following are some of the advantages and disadvantages offered by Classic Flame 33EF023GRA unit:


  • No venting or gas lines requirement.
  • Five flame brightness settings.
  • Easy remote control access.
  • Standard plug in into a 120V outlet.
  • Capable of heating up to 400 square feet.
  • Heat can be turned off for year-round enjoyment.

  • Expensive.
  • Big size and weight.

To enjoy the experience of this high-end product, one needs to lighter their pockets. Overall, a nice product among the electrical fireplace heaters.

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Dimplex DFI2309 B000GLIZXW

best electric fireplace awards secondDimplex DFI2310 Electric Fireplace Deluxe 23-Inch Insert, Black
The DFI2310 is another best fireplace insert by Dimplex. It comes in black and is specifically a space heater.

It consumes 1375 Watt and uses a patented flame technology.

Very easy to install into existing fireplace opening and can be plugged into a standard household outlet. The heat produced by this unit is evenly distributed to the surroundings by its built-in fan-forced heater and is done quietly.

Three modes to choose throughout the year, full heat, half heat or flame only (no heat).

This best fireplace inserts are also available for shipping to some other selected countries.

It weighs around 30-31 pounds and has 23.2”(W)x10.8”(D)x19.8”(H) as its dimensions.

Dimplex offers a one-year warranty on selected parts of this product.

Every best fireplace insert has its own sets of pros and cons, similarly, the pros and cons of this Dimplex product is mentioned below:


  • Easy set-up.
  • Realistic flame.
  • Full-year enjoyment.
  • Economical on runs.
  • Safe, Clean and Green.
  • Includes remote control.

  • Plug gets very hot.
  • A little over the budget product.

To sum up, a nice electric heater from Duplex with great features like patented flame technology, easy use, etc. but a little expensive for the economical buyers.

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Duraflame DFI020ARU B002ZQE8SM

Electric fireplace heater reviews : best electric fireplace awards winnerDuraflame DFI020ARU Electric Fireplace Insert w/Heater
The DFI020ARU is an electrical fireplace insert by Duraflame.

This little heater has only 8.7”(D)x20.5”(W)x12”(H) dimensions and is lightweight with weighing only around 17 pounds.

The ALL LED technology employed in this gas logs is energy efficient. This unit can operated with or without the heat.

Easy plug-in into any standard outlet. The 1350 Watts heater provide a significant 4600BTU per hour of warmth to the users. It can heat up to 400 square feet.

Shipping is possible for some selected countries, other than the US.

A remote control is also provided for easy operation of the portable heater.

Duraflame covers a 1-year warranty for the product.

This product is best suited for people who wants to enjoy the ambience of the fireplace but without any nuisance of wood fires.

Following are the pros and cons of the Duraflame DFI020ARU Electric Fireplace Insert w/Heater:


  • Portable heater.
  • Remote control access.
  • Realistic flames.
  • Good heating capacity.
  • Easy to operate.

  • Uses lot of power.
  • Humming sound of fan.

Over all, a nice portable heater. Must be tried by people looking to enjoy the ambience of the fireplace without actually burning the wooden logs.

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