10 Things You Can Do to Spruce up Your Living Room

For many, the living room is the hub of the home. From family gatherings to places of rest and relaxation, the living room serves many purposes for homeowners and their loved ones. What better way to make great use of the space than by sprucing it up?

Bring new life into a living room with these 10 easy to follow suggestions:

1. Begin by tidying up

Spruce up Your Living RoomNothing says spruced up more than a clean, tidy living room space. Tidy up the space by doing a routine cleaning including: sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, and wiping items down. Homeowners can also declutter the space to give it an open, welcoming feel. Excess items can easily be donated to a local charity or they could be sold at a yard sale for some extra cash.

2. Add a new paint color to the walls

A new paint color can instantly change the look and feel of a living room. Choose among a variety of paint color options. Warm neutrals like beige, brown or cream can enhance a traditional living room, instantly making it more inviting. Bold, bright colors like variations of red, blue, or green are a great option for hosting and creating a fun, lively living room environment. To learn more about the different color options that are available, consult with an interior painter in Summit who can provide guidance on choosing the right paint color for the space and for the homeowner’s personal preferences. A top house painter near you can help you to design and decorate a living room that will be the envy of all your friends.

3. Add an accent wall

Similarly, an accent wall in a fun, vibrant color is a great way to bring out the personality of a living room. Accent walls can enhance the existing color scheme of the room and even bring attention to architectural elements such as vaulted ceilings or other nooks and crannies within the room that make it special. Accent walls can be chosen in a number of different colors which is great for homeowners who may have a favorite color that they want to proudly display through their living room décor.

4. Decorate Seasonally

What better way to feel inspired as the seasons change than by re-decorating the living room to match the time of the year? From holiday décor to winter, spring, summer, and fall accent colors, there are many ways to decorate the living room seasonally. For instance, go with fun beach décor that includes cool blues and beiges for summertime fun. Or add warm brown, burgundy or orange for a cozy autumn look.

5. Add a dose of color with new curtains

new curtainsNew curtains are another great way to spruce up the living room. Curtains in solid colors or patterns are both excellent ways to decorate the living room in style. Curtains can bring drama into the space if they are hung from the ceiling to the floor. Also, choose curtains in a number of different textiles to include light and airy fabrics to heavier material that can add a luxurious feel to the space.

6. Add a conversational piece

Want guests to have something interesting to talk about when they enter the room? Add a unique conversational piece to the space. From family heirlooms, to thrift store finds, to antiques, conversational pieces such as heavy furniture or artwork are great additions to any living room space.

7. Update trim

When sprucing up the living room don’t forget about touching up the trim. Crown molding, shiplap, and wainscoting are all excellent features in a living room. When tidying up the space don’t forget to dust these different types of trim. Also, if painting the living room, give trim a fresh coat of lustrous paint for impact. An interior painter in Summit will be well-versed in the best high-gloss or semi-gloss paints that are on the market, paints that may be a good fit for painting the living room’s trim.

8. Add a decorative throw rug

A decorative throw rug in a bold pattern is another great way to spruce up the living room. Rugs with ornate patterns and designs that match the living room’s overall décor can give the room a budget-friendly face lift in an instant.

9. Lighting is key

Artificial or natural lighting can make the living room feel very spacious. Opening up the drapes and curtains and allowing natural sunlight to flow into the room will make it feel sunny and bright. The same is true for new light fixtures such as tall lamps, table lamps or decorative ceiling fans with lighting which are all great features for beautiful illumination.

10. Go with a theme

Lastly, creative homeowners can also go with a theme for their living rooms. Themes can range from Hollywood glam, to coastal living, to a sleeker, modern design. No matter the homeowner’s style, there is a theme to match everyone’s personal tastes! And for every theme there is elegant fireplace you can use.

To learn more fun ways to spruce up a living room, contact a house painter near you who can provide insight into the many ways in which today’s homeowners can enhance their living room spaces and transform them with amazing decorating ideas.

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