Best Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Reviews in 2017

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A wall mounted electric fireplaces are ideal solution for setting up a striking style statement in your home or office. All of our wall mount fireplaces provide additional heat for up to 400 sq. ft. At 3¢- 8¢ per hour to work, wall electric fireplaces are incredibly useful, saving both money and electricity. We provide a wide variety of designs to fit any need including possibilities that can be wall fitted like a picture or wall recessed for a eliminate set up. Each electric fireplace includes a realistic flame effect and modern ember bed to create a comfortable and inviting ambiance in your home. Whether you are going for a striking contemporary style or simply saving space in a small room, a wall mount electric fireplace is the perfect solution. Begin checking out our wall-mounted fireplace styles now.

Having a fireplace with a fire burning creates a warm and cozy atmosphere in any household.But not every house can have a fireplace and according to various studies, it poses a health risk. But don't worry, because wall mount electric fireplace is available. It can create a cozy atmosphere like a real fireplace and there are no health risks! Check out our reviews here to find out more about wall mounted electric fireplaces.

Yosemite Home Decor DF EFP1313 Contemporary Wide Glass Electric Fireplace

Yosemite Home Decor DF-EFP1313 Contemporary Wide Glass Electric Fireplace, Black

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  • Realistic flame display operates with or without heat for year round enjoyment
  • No fuel combustion zero carbon monoxide emissions
  • Heats up to a 220 Square Feet room with ease
  • Selectable high (1500W) and low (750W) settings let you adjust the fireplace's heat output
  • Remote control for variable heat and variable flame (included)
Dimplex DWF120 Contemporary Wall Mountable Electric Fireplace

Dimplex DWF120 Contemporary Wall-Mountable Electric Fireplace

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What is the Best Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace to buy right now?

Choosing the Best Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace
Technology developed so far that is able to design electric fireplaces that feels like a real fireplace – conserve the hardwood fire smell and the crackling sound. Wall mount electric fireplaces like these can really bring out the coziness in any room.
The flame is realistic; you might even forget that it is an electric fireplace and start throwing logs into it! So read our reviews and carefully decide, which electric fireplace would you get to decorate your room?

Touchstone 50" Onyx Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace

Introduction and Review – Touchstone 50" Onyx is a wall mounted fireplace by Touchstone. This electric heater is specially designed to provide additional ambience to your fireplace. This smokeless fireplace provides a realistic flame with five different settings available for its brightness adjustment.

It comes in a black frame and has two settings for its heat adjustment. Remote control is provided for ease of use to the user. Weighing about 39 pounds, Touchstone 50" Onyx measures 21.6"(H) x 50.4"(W) x 5.5"(D) in its size.

It also has a timer with auto-off (30 minutes to 8 hours) function. It can provide heat for a space of around 400 square feet and utilizes standard 120V and 1500 Watts of power supply. Additional warranty is provided for some parts of this product.

Like every other good products this product also has some of its issues. Following list covers the features and flaws provided by this fireplace heater:

  • Easy to install
  • Multiple heat and brightness adjustment settings
  • Realistic flame for added ambiance
  • A good remote control access
  • Energy efficient
  • Great shine and look
  • Standard outlet requirement for operation
  • Not an inexpensive buy
  • Not portable

Summing up, it can be said that Onyx 50" is a wall mounted electric heater, suitable for people that are looking for a good heat providing unit and also a stylish one with a budget that fits into $300+. Nice heater for its looks and design.

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AKDY Az520al Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Control Remote Heater Firebox Black

Introduction and Review – The AKDY Az520al is a wall mount electric fireplace heater by AKDY. It is 22.1"(H)x35.4"(W)x6"(D) in size and weighs around 45 pounds. It has a flame effect which combined with under-bed glow feature provides ambiance to your fireplace experience. The flame looks pretty realistic with its 3D flame technology.

Remote control is provided for operating the heater with the ease of pressing buttons for simply adjusting heat and brightness settings simultaneously. Easy installation with the provided manual. Flame brightness is adjustable as per the requirements.

A log set is also provided with the unit for added ambiance. Included mounting hardware allows it to be installed easily on any kind of flat wall.

Two heat settings are available for use of AKDY Az520al, a 750 watt low heat mode and a 1500 watt heat mode. Can be easily plugged into any standard household electrical outlet. 1 year limited warranty is provided with the unit.

Despite being provided with a lot of features, this heater has some flaws. Following is a list of features and issues of AKDY Az520al wall mounted heater:
  • Economical operation
  • Energy efficient
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Adjustable flame brightness
  • Remote control access
  • Easy installation
  • Heavier than average
  • Not as flat as it looks

AKDY Az520al is a great product for people looking to buy a smokeless fireplace heater with a budget of over $200. The buyer gets an electrical mounted fireplace heater product with a little added show, quality and ambiance with this purchase.

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36 inch Wall Mount Modern Space Heater Electric Fireplace Heater Flat Tempered Glass W/Remote Control AX510EP

Introduction and Review – The AX510EP is a mountable space heater by AKDY. Weighing around 43 pounds, this fireplace measures around 22"(H) x36"(W) x7"(D).

It is capable of providing 5200 BTU of warmth for a space of about 500 square feet. Easily pluggable into any normal household outlet with 120V and 60Hz requirements. Operable in two modes, a 750 watt mode and a 1500 watt mode.

The glowing frame effect can be adjusted into one of the three levels of settings available. Ember bed intensity and heat intensity can easily be adjusted with the simple push of buttons provided with the remote control.

Steel and glass provide a nice quality to this electric heater. Hundred percent energy efficient with no emissions and no pollution.

This 36 inch wall heater also suffers from some issues aside from its looks and quality. Following list covers the top features and flaws for this electrical heater:

  • Beautiful and elegant finish
  • 100 percent energy efficient
  • Easy installation
  • Multiple modes
  • Remote control access
  • No emissions
  • 500 square feet space coverage
  • A bit heavy
  • Flames look fake at low settings

A good buy for its great ease of use and warmth range. Also the realistic flames are also an added quality of this average economical product.

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Dimplex DWF-1322MA3A Maddox Wall Mounted Fireplace

Introduction and Review – The DWF-1322MA3A is a wall mounted electric fireplace by Dimplex. It weighs around 43 pounds with dimensions of 20"(H) x36. 5"(W) x6. 5"(D).

Year-round use is achieved with the on/off heating feature adjustable according to the temperature requirements. River rock interior and patented flame technology (like Dimplex Optimyst) provide great fireplace ambiance experience with this wall mountable heater.

Immediate warmth is provided by the use of glass free design vents through the wall mount front. Instant ambiance by plugging directly to any normal household outlet. Control at the fingertips is provided by the easy-to-use remote control.

Like every other electrical product, this unit also suffers from some shortcomings. This list covers the features and flaws provided by Dimplex DWF-1322MA3A Maddox:
  • Convenient use
  • Great design finish
  • Instant ambiance to any environment
  • Realistic flames add ambiance to fireplace experience
  • Easy is plugging to any standard electrical household outlet
  • Eco friendly with 100 percent pollution free mechanism
  • No emissions and no fumes
  • Heavier than average
  • Not portable

To sum up, the Dimplex DWF-1322MA3A Maddox is a great buy as a mountable electric fireplace heater. For its realistic flames and energy efficiency, it makes a worthy buy product.

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XtremepowerUS 35" Wall Mount Cure Electric Fireplace With 1500 watt Heater Black Glass

Introduction and Review – XtremepowerUS 35" is another wall mount fireplace by Xtremepower US. It has 22"(H) x35"(W) x6"(D) dimensional size and weighs around 35 pounds.

This electrical fireplace is made from steel, it has a glass surface with real stone insert. It requires 110-120V of voltage and 60Hz of frequency.

This electric unit is capable of producing 65 to 85 degree of temperature. This heater can be plugged into any normal household supply and could be easily placed anywhere from bedroom to hall. The flame technology employed in Xtremepower 35" is patented by the company itself providing a best experience.

The several options provided with this unit enables the user to add ambiance to their fireplace experience.

Like every other electronic product, this one also has a set of features and flaws. These features and issues of XtremepowerUS 35" is listed below:

  • Inexpensive buy
  • Can be plugged into any normal household outlet
  • Energy efficient
  • Added ambiance with the patented flame technology
  • Easy installation with the provided manual
  • 100 percent pollution free
  • Remote control access for readily use
  • Remote can lag at times
  • Mounting support is not that good

Overall, Xtremepower 35" is a great electric wall mount heater for people looking an inexpensive buy with some added quality and ambiance. It is a worthy buy for its quality-over-price.

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Frigidaire VWWF-10306 Valencia Widescreen Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace with Remote Control – Black

Introduction and Review – VWWF-10306 Valencia Widescreen Electric Fireplace is a wall hanging smokeless fireplace by Frigidaire. 21.7"(H) x50. 4"(W) x5. 5"(D) are its dimensions and it weighs about 41-42 pounds.

This electrical fireplace is specially designed for hanging at a fireplace to provide ambience to the place. Very adjustable with its design. It is capable of working in two heat settings, a low heat producing setting at 750 watts, and another at 1500 watts for producing more heat. It provides 2500 BTU of warmth in low setting, whereas produces 5000 BTU of warmth at high setting enabled.

Silent realistic flames provide peace the ears while providing the needed stimulation to the eyes. A safety feature that enables it to turn itself off when overheated is available by the name of auto safety shut-off.

Remote control is included to access this wonderful fireplace from a distance with ease at hand. It runs on normal electricity supply of 120V and 60Hz and is pluggable into any standard household outlet.

Built-in timer helps to adjust it for 30 minutes to 7.5 hours of run. The tempered glass panel is made from heat-resistant material providing additional safety.

Following is the various goods and issues covered about Frigidaire VWWF-10306 Valencia electrical wall mounted fireplace:

  • Perfect for hanging on a wall
  • Built-in safety features
  • Self shut-off timer
  • Heat resistant glass panel
  • Remote control access
  • Realistic fire with soothing logwood flame effect
  • No sound of crackling
  • Costlier buy
  • Buzzing noise on start-up
  • Great heat output on the wall

This nearly $300 hanging fireplace heater is a good buy for people looking for a great wall hanging fireplace with better quality and a trusted name like Frigidaire.

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Electric Wall Mount Fireplace 1500W Heat Adjustable Heater Glass XL Large

Introduction and Review – Electric Wall Mount Fireplace 1500W Heat Adjustable Heater is a budget buy from Best Choice Products. It utilizes a 3D flame technology to enhance the fireplace ambiance.

It is capable of working at two different heat settings, 750 watts and 1500 watts. Both these settings enable it to be tuned according to the needs of warmth required.

It weighs around 40 pounds and has a portable dimensions of 19"(H) x35"(W) x6"(D). This electric heater is CL certified. Priced at a little above $100 cost.

Full functional remote control is also available with this smokeless fireplace. It provides about 70 degrees of heat in 300 square feet of space.

Review – The following is a list of features and cons of this fireplace heater:

  • Budget buy
  • Realistic flame with 3D flame technology
  • Dual heat settings
  • Full functional remote control
  • CL certified
  • Difficult to hang on some walls
  • Cord quality is low
  • 300 square feet coverage for warmth

This budget buy is pretty good quality provider in its price range. With its 3D flame technology, it adds ambiance to the fireplace. Provides a good amount of warmth in a 300 square foot space.

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XtremepowerUS 35" Electric Wall Mount Fireplace 1500W Heat Adjustable Heater Glass XL Large

Introduction and Review – XtremePowerUS presents the 35" Electric Wall Mount 1500W Fireplace portable fireplace. This fireplace has a heat adjustable heater glass in XL size. Its size is 22"(H) x35"(W) x6"(D) and weighs around 40-41 pounds. Its glass surface comes with a real stone insert.

It works on 1500 watts and produces 65 to 75 degrees of heat. It requires a normal household supply of electricity at 60Hz and 110-120V. This fireplace has been certified with CUL certificate and is 100 percent energy efficient.

It is portable to be shifted and adjustable to any place ranging from bedroom to hall. Walls mount brackets available with this unit makes it very much adjustable to any kind of wall.

Remote control is provided for added ease of use and instruction manual provided. Instruction manual gives the best directions for adjusting it in any environment without a single flaw.

XtremepowerUS 35" suffers from certain limitations alongside its promising features. The various features and limitations of this smokeless heater is enlisted below:

  • Budget buy
  • Normal household outlet required
  • Easily adjustable
  • Appropriate in every environment
  • Ease in operation with provided remote control
  • Elegant front design finishing
  • Patented 3D flame technology
  • Little heavier
  • No warranty covered

This elegant portable fireplace is a worth buy for a low budget fireplace heater. Nice design and realistic flames make it a nice heater for your fireplace experience by adding ambiance and quality.

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Touchstone 50"Ivory Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace – White

Introduction and Review – 50" Ivory Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace is an electrical unit by Touchstone. This electrical heater has a flawless flame that can be adjusted into any of the five brightness settings provided by Touchstone. It provides instant ambiance to any space with its two heat adjustable heat settings, one at 750 watts for low heat production and other at 1500 watts for higher heat requirements.

Easy installation with its instruction manual provided. The elegant white frame gives a great look to the heater. It weighs around 39 pounds and measures around 21.6"(H) x50. 4"(W) x5. 5"(D).

It provided 1500 BTU of warmth to a 400 square feet space. It comes with timer control. Remote control provided is capable of adjusting heat and flame settings from a distance with ease. It is easily pluggable into any standard household outlet.

Touchstone covers a 1 year seller warranty on this wall mounted heater.

Like every other smokeless wall mount heater Touchstone 50" has its own issues. Following is a list of features and flaws of this smokeless fireplace:

  • Normal household plug-in required
  • Realistic flame with 5 intensity settings
  • 400 square feet coverage
  • Timer with auto-off
  • Remote control for ease of use
  • Widescreen
  • Great look
  • 100 percent pollution free
  • 1500 BTU of warmth
  • Not a budget buy

This electric wall mounted fireplace by Touchstone is perfect for adding a little show in addition to a perfect ambiance to your fireplace experience. However, the intensity of warmth provided is low, but covers a good space of 400 square feet.

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Dimplex RWF-DG Sahara Electric Wall Mounted Stove, Dark Grey

Introduction and Review – RWF-DG Sahara is Dimplex wall mount electric fireplace. Available for year-round use with its heat-off function.

Patented 3D effect provides added ambiance with its fire dancing effect. This electric heater is UI certified and works on 1400 watts of power supply.

It is a little heavy with its 60 pounds of weight and measures around 28"(H) x40"(W) x7"(D). Gun metal finish provides an elegant look to this smokeless heater. Easily mountable on any kind of wall. Can be plugged into any standard household outlet. It promises 90 percent less energy consumption from gas fireplaces. Controls at the bottom of the fireplace and remote control provided promises a lot of ease in its use.

The glass doesn't heat up much. A one year warranty is covered by Dimplex wall mount electric fireplace.

This Dimplex RWF-DG Sahara Electric Wall Mounted Stove also has some issues along with its features. Following is a list of features and flaws of this mountable smokeless fireplace:

  • Patented 3D technology provides a realistic effect
  • Instant ambiance to any space
  • Can be operated with shutting heat
  • UI certified
  • Gun metal finish
  • 1 year warranty
  • Requires standard household outlet
  • Remote control
  • A lot heavier
  • Low warmth provided

Not so good for warmth, but good for adding a little show to your fireplace with its gun metal finish and elegant design. Also, the remote functions provided lets a great easiness in adjusting the settings for requirements. Good buy for people looking for adding an elegant show to their fireplace.

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